The handshake agreement between Jack Daniels and Indian Motorcycle reflects the honor of their respective founding eras, resulting in a seven-year collaboration on six limited-edition bikes. The first project launched in 2016, Jack Daniel’s Indian Chief Vintage to help celebrate the Tennessee distillery’s 150th anniversary. Since then, the 2017 Jack Daniels Indian Chief, the 2018 Jack Daniels Indian Scout Bobber, the 2019 Jack Daniels Indian Springfield Dark Horse, the 2020 and 2021 Jack Daniels Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse and the 2022 Jack Daniels Indian Challenger Dark Horse named these nectars Single Barrel Select, Gentleman Jack and Tennessee Rye, along with the distillery’s live fire brigade. For the No. 7 collaboration, it was only right to pay homage to the whiskey brand’s foundational libation and most enduring mystery, Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The bike that did this was the 2023 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse.

An established totem takes a given place thanks to custom work by Klock Werks of Mitchell, South Dakota. Jack Daniel’s logo or signature appears on the front and rear fenders, embossed on the solo seat, etched into the exhaust, and on the Montana Silversmith badge on top of the horn. The handwritten “I” appears on the fuel tank above the Thunderstroke 116 engine, with non-machined cylinders and heads, and cloud silver painted rocker and pushrod tubes. What’s extra special about this motorcycle is the blending of old No. 7 whiskey into the Super Graphite Metallic paint that’s been hand-applied elsewhere. The white center rim complements the front-to-rear stripes on the bodywork.

Indian will produce 177 Jack Daniel’s limited edition Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horses for worldwide consumption, starting at $24,999 each. Reservations begin March 14 at 12:00 pm ET while all rides sell out. Indian will begin sending allocations to resellers in the US and Canada by the end of the month.

Oh yes, about that old No. 7 mystery – no one knows why the whiskey is called that.If Jack Daniel’s knows, it’s not saying, it’s saying Vine pair“The mystery of Old No. 7 has been surrounding Jack Daniel’s for over 150 years. It’s the first question a visitor to Jack Daniel’s Distillery asks.”

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