Ever seen that video of a few kids hanging out outside the Alphard’s skylight? If you don’t have it, it’s attached below. It happened two days ago in Ipoh, where the police had identified the passengers of the luxury MPV. It turns out they were actually teenagers aged 13 and 16, and their parents were in the Alphard when they were arrested in action – driven by relatives.

Ipoh Police Chief Yah Yapin Hassan said they are now looking for the person who recorded the viral video to assist in the investigation. He or she was asked to contact Senior Investigating Officer Yap Siew Cheng at 012-9093362. Police are investigating the case under Section 336 of the Penal Code.

Yahaya advises parents and guardians not to let their children do things that could put them in danger. Of course, you don’t need the police to tell you, just common sense. This isn’t the first time children’s heads have been filmed sticking out of a sunroof – this is on a freeway, and this video has kids sitting on the roof of a car on a freeway.

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