Last week, I gave you a first look at The Elite Showcase 2023 in an extended gallery post.

Today we are back in Banten, Indonesia to find out more about the event. This time though, we’re checking out some of my standout shows, and there’s a lot of them. The two years of elite displays that don’t appear to be happening due to pandemic restrictions have given Indonesia’s automakers time to really up their game.


One of the great things about this show is its variety. While the Elite Showcase featured a lot of Japanese tuner-inspired cars, there were also plenty of Euros and some classic muscle.

However, I would like to start here, with two versions in the XS Garage in Jakarta…


They’re both FD3S Mazda RX-7s, and both are red, but the similarities end there. The Pandem-equipped car gets an LS V8 swap up front, while the RE-Amemiya-equipped machine keeps the rotary script but has a bespoke naturally aspirated 4-rotor setup. None of these buildings are easy to achieve in Indonesia.


The lineup of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions is amazing. My personal favorite is the white Evo V made by XS with a RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL and a Tomei made engine. This is sure to be a future Speedhunters feature car.


The last XS Garage build I want to show you is the winner of The Elite Showcase 2023’s “Best of Show” award, which is also featured in the main image.This RB28-Powered Nissan Silvia S15 Has It all.


Gspeed is another Jakarta-based shop, but one that specializes in restoring and customizing classic machinery to an exceptionally high standard. SEMA Show regulars and husband-and-wife owners of Gspeed started their tours with a burnt orange GM Holden Monaro, but some of their more recent builds have revolved around Ford pickups.


Speaking of restoration, one of my favorite cars from The Elite Showcase was the LJ10 Suzuki Jimny built by Garasi164. As far as I know, the Jimny was found rusted in a paddy field and nearly all steel (except the firewall) needed major repairs. The fact that this late ’70s Suzuki now looks brand new is a testament to the work it’s done.


Indonesia is home to many talented automotive master craftsmen behind the steady growth of high-end handcrafted cars. This pair of Cobra Shelby and Mustang Fastback GT-based replicas were built by Dynaworks, and they’re both stunning.


This is something I’ve never heard of or seen before. At the Autofresh x RMODA Studio booth, they showed off some new stripping paint technologies. It’s basically a wrap – but sprayed on like Plasti Dip – and the resulting paint-like finish is very convincing.


It wouldn’t be a proper Indonesian car show without some stand, but I didn’t expect to see something as stunning as this bagged Aston Martin DB11 V12. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, and I have to say, the bang-bang look is perfect for this car.


On the subject of bags, I’m always happy to see an update from Bandung-based airbike specialists Art Custom Works. Some of their setups are crazy.


Take this Mini Cooper S with Air Lift Performance – wow! All forged carbon work is also done in-house.


There were plenty of really good GT-Rs on display at The Elite Showcase – including the R35 and Skyline varieties, but it’s hard to beat Mine’s modified examples.


As I mentioned in my first post on the event, the number and quality of cars on display at the Elite 2023 show easily surpasses any previous event. That said, I think the future of Indonesian car culture is very bright.

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