Just as the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship kicks off, the trailer for the fifth season of the popular ‘Formula 1: Left 4 Dead’ series has been released on Netflix.

The new season will hit the Netflix streaming service on February 24 and will focus on events that take place in 2022. While F1’s 2022 season finally sees Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen come to the fore, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz AMG have had plenty of struggles.

F1 management confirmed last May that “Drive to Survive” would continue into its fifth and sixth seasons. The show relies on close collaboration between F1 and the teams to allow a high level of behind-the-scenes access. Viewership was strong, especially in the fourth season, which documented the close title fight between Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, helping to raise F1’s profile.

The show, which is particularly popular in the United States, will feature three races this year, with American driver Logan Sargent driving a Williams. American automakers are also returning to the sport, with Ford recently announcing a partnership with Red Bull Racing and General Motors announcing that it is looking to form a team with Andretti Global. The team will be the second American team after Haas.

Still, the future of the Netflix series is uncertain, according to F1 chief Stefano Domenicali, noting in an interview in 2022 that “Drive to Survive” must be added to F1. value to continue. So, a lot will depend on how viewers receive this latest season.

As for F1 in the new season, most teams have already disclosed their car designs. Official pre-season testing will take place on 23 February at the Bahrain International Circuit, home of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The first game will also be held in Bahrain. Scheduled for March 5.

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