While Perodua has categorically denied that it will launch an all-new Bezza this year, there is no doubt that many people are curious about what the second-generation version of the popular sedan model will look like, especially after we have already seen the 2023 Axia after. Well, here’s Theophilus Chin’s take on the new Axia-based Bezza sedan.

Adding a boot to the D74A Axia does produce an awkward-looking sedan—a short, tall hood calls for an equally short, tall rear end. But then again, Bezza doesn’t have the prettiest silhouette these days, does it? At least, I can say that the taillight treatment pictured here looks quite attractive.

The front end remains largely unchanged here, matching the Axia hatchback. However, Chin did decide to offer a slightly different insert for the front grille to match the Alza MPV. It should be noted that the actual second-generation Bezza may have a completely different face from the Axia, as seen on the first-generation model.

Since 2023 is out of the question, we see next year as the earliest time for an all-new Bezza sedan, and it hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Rumors that Perodua is currently working on the Nexis D66B small SUV for 2024, if true, would push the next-generation Bezza back to 2025, the P2’s annual FMC launch cycle.

Anyway, what do you think of these renderings of the Axia-based Bezza sedan? Comment below!

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