The Super Bowl is finally here, but for many, the big game isn’t about winning or losing. Advertisers spend millions of dollars on 30-second or one-minute spots during the Super Bowl broadcast that can create buzz for weeks after the game. Jeep hopes to do just that with its one-minute Super Bowl ad highlighting the brand’s electric SUV.

Jeep’s “Electric Boogie” ad follows the Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe in various simulated off-road situations. While fun, the soundtrack is the real star of the show. Grammy winners Shaggy, Jamila Falak, Amber Lee and Moyann join the song’s original artist, Marcia Griffiths. The modern re-recording celebrates the 40th anniversary of Griffiths’ original track. Jeep said the song is available today on the streaming platform.

While the ad debuted at the Super Bowl, it’s aimed at a global audience. Jeep sells vehicles in more than 100 countries and acquires the international rights to a new “Electric Boogie” to be used in commercials worldwide. This year’s competition will feature ads from automakers touting their electric street cred. GM teamed up with Will Ferrell and Netflix for a clever EV ad, and Ram has a spot early in the fourth quarter. Even so, many automakers are bypassing the big race as they look to conserve cash and get ahead of a potential recession.

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