Over the past day, there has been a lot of discussion on the internet as everyone is sharing their thoughts on Malaysia’s decision to scrap road tax stickers and move to a digital road tax system.

A lot of it is due to the difficulty of accessing the system – currently JPJ’s system seems to be overloaded with everyone trying to get in at the same time, but if you already have a road tax sticker it shouldn’t affect you now, maybe you can wait until the hype dies down and try again .

Another part that has everyone talking is using an app to show digital road tax, what happens if you don’t have a functioning phone.

This was actually addressed in yesterday’s press conference, but as many missed, we thought maybe we should bring it up again.

Enforcement officers will use your number plate to check that you have paid valid road tax and enter the app on their own device.

This means you don’t need to carry a functioning mobile phone to display your digital road tax. No need to make sure your phone has battery or data pack. You don’t even need to print out the digital road tax in the glove box.

It’s fine if the car is registered in someone else’s name, you don’t need the road tax for every car you drive to show up in your app because you don’t need the app at all.

It is the onus on law enforcement to show evidence that you have not paid valid road tax. We do not have to provide proof that we have valid road tax.

Road tax will only appear in your app, so you can track if you have valid road tax. Otherwise you may forget the expiration date.

If you have more questions, you can view the FAQs posted by the Minister below.

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