There is a saying that the fastest way to become a motorsports millionaire is to start out as a billionaire. Correspondingly, few of us can make a comfortable living in motorsport, but for the rest of us, the enjoyment we derive from using and modifying our cars pays off.

It’s been three years since the International Motorsports Show last opened, so I’m eager to take part in this highly anticipated 2023 event. Claimed to be Europe’s largest motorsport show, hundreds of stands are spread across the numerous halls of the National Exhibition Center (NEC) in Birmingham, UK, showcasing a wide range of motorsport and performance related components and equipment.

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Depending on your budget, you may find something suitable for your application. Suspensions, electronics, seats, wheels, gearboxes – they’re all on display at the 2023 International Automobile Championships.

The past few years and various lockdowns have led to a massive increase in the popularity of sim racing. Established esports leagues offer legitimate prize money, and many have made the jump to real racing. These setups can cost four or even five figures, with component quality comparable to those found in actual motorsports.

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Sim racing is just one way for younger generations to get involved in motorsports. There are a number of colleges and universities in the UK offering motorsports degrees culminating in the design of single-seater cars under the Formula Student (FSAE) rule set. Each student in the team is tasked with designing an aspect or component as part of their final thesis. Weighing less than 250kg and powered by up to 710cc motorcycle engines, these things are fast and nimble.

There has also been an increase in grassroots level activities, with many options depending on the budget. A fixed price buys you a race-ready car, all associated equipment and fees to take part in a number of different racing series.

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Oval track racing has long been a mainstay in Britain. Depending on the budget, it could be as affordable as a Nissan Micra with some safety equipment, or even a 4WD and a car with a V8 and twin Suzuki Hayabusa engines.

If you want a little luxury on the track, you can easily check that box at the show, both in terms of your own accommodations and the way your car gets there.

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Tractor pulling has always been a niche motorsport that first emerged in the pre-industrial era. Farmers will prove the strength of their horses against other horses, and, well, it has been slightly upgraded. Top tractors use a variety of engines: V8s, diesels, aircraft-derived turbines and multiples thereof, producing thousands of horsepower.

in the case of Snoopy 3, Built and operated by the Whittingham family, two supercharged Rolls-Royce Griffon V12 aircraft engines run on methanol and produce approximately 8,000 horsepower.

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The show includes performances on a live stage. While nowhere near big enough for cars and SUVs to find their limits, the low-grip surfaces do provide plenty of entertainment.

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It’s crazy to think we now have a generation of Speedhunters born rear Sega’s F355 Challenge Come out in the arcade. The F355 still looks as good today as it did back then.

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The JUN Super Lemon R33 Skyline GT-R was Japanese tuning royalty at its peak in the 1990s highest gear A 2002 episode. In an era when the Ferrari Enzo and the Koenigsegg CC8S had 650 horsepower, it was unheard of for a car to have 1,000 horsepower. The bright yellow GT-R has undergone subtle upgrades over the 20-plus years since, but still retains many of its decals and battle scars.

When I saw the Jaguar X Type in RV trim, I did two things because they never raced. As it turns out, the car was designed for a proposed supercar-style racing series in the early 2000s. Many manufacturers expressed interest, but the series never got off the ground.

Upon closer inspection, the Jaguar bears little resemblance to the production road car, with a 550-horsepower V8 sending power to the rear wheels through a sequential gearbox.

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As part of the EV showcase, I’m struggling to find words to describe what the Ariel Hipercar will look like. Maybe form follows function?show easily wins a game top ace, It doesn’t look so so.

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Widebody, sticky Toyo Proxes R888R tires and a Chevrolet LS motor — this Mazda MX-5 and its driver compete in the Formula G series. The package clearly worked, winning multiple championships.

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I’m a bit conflicted about leaving Autosport International 2023. The UK is home to some of the best OEMs, racing teams and component suppliers in the world, but the show appears to be in a much different shape than it used to be. The absence of the biggest names in the motorsports industry was evident, in stark contrast to so many aspects of motorsports that are constantly evolving. That said, it’s understandable given the challenges of the past few years. Now that things seem to be returning to some degree of normalcy, hopefully the 2024 show will be bigger than ever.

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