After Fazzio, Malaysia’s ASEAN neighbor Indonesia got another hybrid scooter, the 2023 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid Connected. The Grand Filano retails at IDR 27.5 million (RM7764), which falls in the same Indonesian market price category as the Yamaha Aerox 155 (NVX155 in Malaysia).

The Grand Filano is not a new model, having entered the Thai market in 2018. However, the Indonesian market gets the latest model of the Grand Filano in its 2022 iteration, which includes LED lighting throughout, combined TFT and monochrome LCD gauges, and more elegant styling.

Powering the Grand Filano is a single-cylinder 125 cc Bluecore engine with SOHC and EFI, coupled to an automatic transmission and belt final drive. Rated at 8.2 hp at 6,500 rpm and 10.4 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm, the hybrid battery provides electric boost starting for quicker acceleration, especially useful when climbing hills or carrying passengers.

In addition to the hybrid engine, the Grand Filano is also equipped with riding amenities including 27 liters of under-seat storage that can accommodate a full-face helmet. Other standard equipment includes a smart key system, 12-volt outlet, storage space in the front hood, hazard lights and wide-foot passenger footpegs.

Stopping the Grand Filano are hydraulic disc brakes at the front and mechanical drum brakes at the rear, and the 12-inch wheels are shod with 110/70 tires front and rear. The tank holds 4.4 liters of fuel, the seat height is set to 790 and the weight is 100kg.

What sets the Grand Filano apart is the fuel filler cap, located inside the front hood, allowing easy refueling without having to lift the seat like a scooter. Yamaha’s Y-Connect app allows a Grand Filano rider to connect to his or her smartphone and access information and features.

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