Mazda has released another teaser for its upcoming CX-90 luxury SUV. This time, the focus is on the interior. From what we’ve seen, a rear-wheel-drive three-row with inline-six power really does look like a luxurious place to drive.

This is the latest in a series of Mazda ‘unboxing’ videos, hosted by actor Hiroyuki Sanada. Of course, since this is a trailer, most of the shots are taken in extreme close-ups. This gives us a better look at the details, and it looks like Mazda’s designers really worked their hair out for them.

For example, the inserts on the perforated leather seats aren’t just a piece of black cloth. With a hint of gray, it’s reminiscent of the textiles used in a smart suit. The dashboard and door panels appear to be upholstered in a wool-like fabric. Adjacent sequins feature lines rather than flat textures. The stitching on the dash isn’t just the standard pattern you’d see on a car, but a traditional Japanese style for binding paper. It all feels very luxurious.

Mazda designer Yasutake Tsuchida has also introduced a new exterior color, Artisan Red. It’s a lot darker than the iconic Mazda Soul Red we’re familiar with, mixed with black.

Looking at the center stack alone reveals a series of physical buttons, a plus for those who don’t like touchscreens. Mazda’s infotainment screen interface still appears to be on top of the dash, operated by touch or a command knob on the center console. The traditional PRNDL gear selector is retained; thankfully, it hasn’t been replaced by a series of buttons.

The CX-90 has been teased for a while, but this should be the last. The global unveiling will take place next Monday, January 31st.

All of this is paired with Mazda’s new 3.3-liter turbocharged inline-six that makes 340 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, which is pretty neat.

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