Living in a densely populated city can be stressful when it comes to walking from one place to another. Thankfully, though, bicycles and other forms of transportation can make navigating the crowds a little easier. For many out there, e-bikes may be the solution to successfully navigating the city. Pave 1 is an electric motorcycle designed for crowded cities. The electric bike weighs only 100 pounds and can reach a top speed of 30 mph in 3.7 seconds. Its performance hydraulic brakes are regenerative. The removable battery is placed under the foldable seat and can be charged using any standard outlet. The Pave 1 can be fully charged in 3 hours, and when fully charged, the electric motorcycle can provide a range of 65 miles in Eco mode. The Pave 1 e-bike starts at $3,900.Learn more at

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