Bicester Heritage opens its doors to car enthusiasts three times a year, hosting a Sunday Scramble. Now in its eighth year, the format has remained largely the same: drive a fun car, park it, and hang out.

Many events have to follow trends to stay current, but the Sunday Scramble continues to grow and thrive by staying consistent. Back in 2014, hundreds of people participated in the first Scramble. By comparison, visitor numbers now peak at around 6,500.

There was a time when cars could only take up a small portion of the main road at Bicester Heritage in Sunday’s scramble. You’ll find them on every corner these days.

20220108 Sunday scramble 093
20220108 Sunday scramble 094

Bicester Heritage itself is what I would call brutal idyll. Red brick and steel buildings – officially known as the remains of RAF Bicester – dot the site, ranging in size from barely standing to towering coat racks. Layers of old paint can be seen peeling off the infrastructure that has yet to be treated, while the Heritage is slowly undergoing a compassionate refurbishment. A new building in the same style as the original also found a place on the site, and a growing number of automotive-focused businesses gradually called it home.

The most recent Sunday scramble was held over several weekends when the UK was in the midst of a cold and unpredictable winter. Still, the turnout far exceeded my expectations.

20220108 Sunday scramble 012

With the automotive world still mourning the passing of Ken Block, it’s only fitting that Tuthill unveiled the Porsche 911 that he and Alex Gelsomino will take part in in the 2021 East African Safari Classic Rally.

20220108 Sunday battle 049

Prices for vintage Bentleys have gone up over the years (and are now in the hundreds of thousands of pounds), and that’s something the BNR34 Nissan Skyline GT-R has in common. I wonder how much an R34 GT-R is worth 80+ years after it was made, like a Bentley is today…

20220108 Sunday scramble 062

Tolman Engineering took the restomod approach and applied it to the Peugeot 205 GTI, and the results are impressive. A complete nut-and-bolt update and upgraded components including a MoTeC dashboard display and electronics bring the GTI up to a more modern standard, but it still retains the classic look and feel that made these cars so revered.

20220108 Sunday scramble 085

Airport parking areas should not be overlooked in any Sunday Scramble race – here are always Interesting vehicles can be found here.

20220108 Sunday scramble 086
20220108 Sunday scramble 084

Seeing both the EK9 Honda Civic Type R and the Alfa Romeo Guilia Super didn’t help my desire.

20220108 Sunday scramble 021
20220108 Sunday scramble 070
20220108 Sunday scramble 023

Sports Purpose have been based at the Bicester dealership for many years and always have a handful of Porsches on display at events.

20220108 Sunday Battle 037

The new Lotus Emira has been drawing crowds throughout the day, and for good reason – it’s the last all-new petrol-only car to be sold in the UK. As is happening around the world, there is now a major shift to electricity ahead of government-mandated deadlines.

20220108 Sunday scramble 077
20220108 Sunday scramble 089

You might be wondering how the Sunday Scramble and other Bicester Heritage events got to be so big. I think it’s because you know what to expect. No matter the weather, you’re guaranteed to see incredible machines in every price range and for all ages.

20220108 Sunday scramble 055
20220108 Sunday scramble 058
20220108 Sunday scramble 076

There’s always an air of excitement as you stroll through the property, never knowing what’s parked around the next corner. The car park is also planned to some extent so there is always enough room to admire the vehicles individually.

20220108 Sunday scramble 096
20220108 Sunday scramble 091

In the restaurant business, a sign of success is always busy. This roughly translates to Sunday Scramble, because no matter what time of year it is, tickets for the event sell out days after it’s announced, months ahead of time. If that’s not the ultimate indicator of the recipe they’ve settled on, I don’t know what is.

Chardon Ford
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