As I descended to the basement, the elevator began to smell stagnant, damp air and exhaust.

For a split second, I thought the elevator went through a portal straight to Malaysia, but there was no double-stepping and warping, telling me I was indeed still in Japan

The gates to Takashi-san’s secret Tokyo underground party – timed to coincide with the Tokyo Auto Salon – and a parking lot packed with people and cars.


Locations are only announced on the morning of the meeting, and even then details are sent privately with clear instructions on what to do, where to park and how no to attract the attention of the police stationed next door to the venue.


Sharing or discussing the meeting on SNS is also strictly prohibited.


Watching Gao Zhi running around nervously, I feel that things may be a little out of control.


“The car park staff complained about too many people and told us to leave now,” He said, confirming my suspicions.


Immediately I felt sorry for Takashi-san and was a little annoyed because apparently word had spread Far Go beyond invitation.

Why do people destroy good things? Can’t people follow simple instructions?


The vibe of the venue is perfect for an underground party, and I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into securing the location, so hopefully it’s not ruined for future use.

on the other hand…


Still, maybe I’m looking at everything the wrong way? It’s possible that I’m being too critical of the situation and need to look at things from a different perspective.


Because, although there were many more people than Mr. Takashi expected, everyone present was very polite, friendly and most importantly, respectful.

you can’t blame anyone Because I want to participate.


Everyone had an incredible time, including Mr. Takashi, who was more than happy that people could enjoy his secret/not-so-secret activities.


The more I think about it, maybe the balance between having fun and not crossing that disrespectful line is the key.


If we can maintain this balance in the future, car culture will continue to be an amazing experience to be part of personally and most importantly – share with others.

I wasn’t the only Speedhunter at the meeting; Toby was also there and arranged for a more detailed look at a couple of the cars that caught his eye, so keep an eye out for that story.

Mina otsukaresama desu!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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