A TikTok account @promosiprotonperodua has uploaded a video of what appears to be a page from the documentation for the upcoming 2023 Perodua Axia D74A, which is expected to launch this year.

The document has a table listing four variants of the D74A – 1000 G CVT, 1000 X CVT, 1000 SE CVT and 1000 AV CVT. All have the CVT suffix, which could mean the new Perodua Axia will no longer be offered with a manual gearbox, at least at launch.

A second table below the variants table lists the colors on offer – Ivory White Solid, Silver Sparkle Metallic, Granite Gray Metallic, Lava Red Metallic and what appears to be a new color – Coral Blue Metallic. The blue currently offered on Myvi is a different blue called Electric Blue metallic.

The current 2019 Perodua Axia is available in six variants, ranging from the RM23,367 1.0 E Manual all the way to the RM41,427 Perodua Axia 1.0 AV AT. That’s a pretty broad price range. Does the discontinuation of the manual model mean a higher starting price for the Axia?

Another unique model in the current range is the 1.0 Style AT, which gives the Axia a soft-road, rugged look for those who prefer an alternative look.

Axia has siblings in Indonesia called Toyota Ayga and Daihatsu Ayla. There are strong rumors that the Indonesian car will go the turbo route, and the expected launch date for the Indonesian car is rumored to be March 2023. Will the Perodua Axia also come with a turbocharged engine?

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