The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon is over, and if you saw my preview post this morning, you’ll know that, as expected, modified versions of Nissan’s new Z are being shown in abundance. VeilSide is one of the most anticipated RZ34 builds.

Knowing how cool this car will be (Yokomaku-san teased us late last year with tons of progress photos) I plan to visit VeilSide First TAS and take a closer look.

Luckily for me, there was no last-second ‘TAS crunch’ sprint to the finish line; Yokomaku-san finished the car on time, which meant I had a few days to film it at VeilSide HQ before it was shipped to Makuhari Messe .


So here, VeilSide FFZ400 – “FF” could be fast and Furious. There is history, remember.


Nissan’s new Z did get the VeilSide treatment, and it was done in just two months.


Classic VeilSide elements abound here, starting at the front with an extended bumper that makes the car look like it’s driving at 300km/h Wangan Even when it stops. The stock grille has been integrated into the design and is joined by four additional openings on the splitter section of the new bumper, with larger grille intakes in between.


The choice of orange could be a nod to the Japan-only racing version of the S30 Fairlady Z 432R, but since Yokomaku-san also calls this car “Han’s 400Z,” we’ll let you decide where the color inspiration comes from. Coincidentally, Nismo also chose a similar shade of orange for their RZ34 demo car.


One detail that Yokomaku took the time to improve is the area around the headlights. He really wanted to emphasize the shape of the light, so added some sharp body lines in that area to achieve it.


The fenders also feature contrasting ventilation, consisting of a series of louvers that flow into the main vent detail.


Thanks to the air suspension, the signature 5-spoke VeilSide wheels are assembled in 20 inches and set deep in the slightly widened fenders.


Because there’s nothing like hitting a button to achieve perfect posture.


Yokomaku really likes the subtle S30 nod to the center of the hood and accentuates this Z-specific design detail in a unique way.


The hard part of any project like this is making sure it all flows together so there is a coherent and distinct design language.


There’s little point in crafting an aggressive front bumper design and then leaving the trunk alone.


As we move along the side silhouette, the skirt really helps bring the whole look together.


Unlike VeilSide’s A90 Supra, the Z’s rear fender isn’t cut, meaning what looks like a proper fender is actually an FRP add-on applied Exceed The original fenders. Yokomaku figured most RZ34 owners wouldn’t be keen on someone bringing a grinder to their new purchase, so this solution gives you the looks but still keeps all the factory metal.

That said, the increase in width is still well implemented, with plenty of room for some decent rear rubber.

The entire fender then flows beautifully into a slender ducktail spoiler with a pronounced drag. The faded VeilSide logo on the wing struts is a nice touch.


When Nissan unveiled the new Z in 2020, it said the trim on the roofline was inspired by the Samurai sword (Samurai sword).To accentuate this design element, Yokomaku gave the piece a typical Sword pattern Pattern – The wavy lines that outline the hardened part of the sword.


In typical VeilSide fashion, the interior has received some basic touches to give it a bespoke feel.


First, we had a set of bridal seating that was custom made just for this project.

Look closely and you’ll see they’re trimmed in a suede-like fabric and embellished with a small VeilSide logo.


To tie it in with the rest of the cabin, the same fabric is used on the door cards…




and steering wheel center. It really elevates the feel of the cabin while retaining the factory black scheme.


The Z had only 12 kilometers on the odometer at the time of filming. Yokomaku told me it was picked up from a Nissan dealership in October on a flatbed truck and immediately placed in the workshop to begin body shaping.


Lift the heavy decklid—heavy, because the car now has that big rear spoiler—to reveal the air suspension setup. It almost resembles a horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine.


Of course, we have six cylinders up front. The V6 twin-turbo VR30DETT has been kept stock since VeilSide is not good at performance tuning these days.


While the drag racing and high-speed trials of the ’80s and ’90s shaped Yokomaku’s past, the future of the VeilSide is all about design.


However, VeilSide will sell you their own exhaust system.Mostly because it’s a styling cue, but also because the stock Z is just method The factory is too quiet.


When I finished filming, Yokomaku-san also snapped a few quick photos of the car, saying it was the first time he had seen it outside.

The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon lobby may be filled with all kinds of amazing Zs, but to me, this one is extra special.

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