Reports of the death of the McLaren 720S are no Greatly exaggerated. In fact, they are absolutely correct.According to reports from car news, we reached out to McLaren directly and a representative confirmed that the supercar is no longer in production. The official statement is as follows:

“We are no longer accepting customer-specified build orders for the 720S, but the car is available through our network of retailers.”

With the 720S out of production, the remainder of what McLaren calls its ‘supercar’ range is the recently launched Artura hybrid. It makes 671 horsepower, which is considerably less than the 710 horsepower of the 720S. But it seems like Artura won’t be the de facto successor, because there’s something else to come.

McLaren representatives were unable to comment on the new car, but car news The report details the words of McLaren’s president of the Americas. He sounds like the successor will still be derived in some way from the upcoming 720S. We’re curious if it utilizes the Artura’s hybrid system, but combined with a more powerful gas engine. We’ve actually seen 720S testers marked specifically as hybrid test vehicles, so that seems likely.

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