Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran, led by Kementrian Alam Sekitar dan Air, today issued an alert on possible flash floods in some parts of Malaysia.

Potentially affected areas include Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Muar and Tangkak in Johor, Alor Gajah and Melaka Central in Malacca, Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan, Padang Padang, Perak, Perak Central and Perak Jialian, Sepang, Petaling and Kuala Selangor Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

As always, avoid the affected area if possible and do not attempt to force your way through flooded areas as this could cause considerable damage to your car. Also make sure your vehicle has additional special hazards insurance in case your car gets stuck and suffers flood damage.

There will be a lot of people out shopping this weekend, so everyone should be extra careful if it starts to rain heavily. It’s called a flash flood for a reason, and it can happen very quickly.

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