A new trademark application may indicate that Infiniti is preparing to launch an SUV that sits between the QX60 and QX80 models.

As Motor1 first noticed, Infiniti parent company Nissan applied for trademark protection for “QX65” with the USPTO on December 22, 2022, for use in land vehicles.

Similar to the QX55 name that Infiniti uses for the coupe version of the QX50 crossover, the QX65 could indicate that a coupe version of the QX60 SUV is coming.

Automakers often trademark names in the event of unintentional use to protect the name if circumstances change. However, there are rumors that Infiniti will launch an SUV related to the QX60.

Last March, it was reported that Infiniti dealers had committed to launching a new two-row SUV based on the QX60 platform by around 2025. Such a vehicle would challenge the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe.

Infiniti has remained mum about its future plans, though the automaker has confirmed it will launch its first electric vehicle, likely a sedan, in 2025. Infiniti also hinted at a redesigned QX80 coming in the near future.

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