Road tax stickers of dubious quality. Many people have been complaining about this issue for so many years, and this year it is finally going to be fixed. Yes, there will be “big changes” in 2023, according to Transport Secretary Anthony Loke.

The returning transport minister met the management of JPJ yesterday afternoon and was briefed on the road transport sector’s plans for the new year.

Loke said one of the main agendas of JPJ this year is to implement digitization in its core services to the people, such as licensing of vehicles and drivers. In addition, there is the possibility of enhanced enforcement of road regulations.

“I know many people complain about the quality of road tax stickers. This issue has been brought to our attention and major changes will be implemented this year,” said the Seremban MP. He added: “The implementation of any new measures will be properly planned and I will make an announcement when I am fully prepared.”

“Our main agenda is to make things easier for the people and I don’t want to see people queuing up at the JPJ office and causing trouble for them,” Loke added.

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