AutoForecast Solutions says the production start date for the next-generation Ford F-150 Lightning is August 18, 2025. Afterwards, AFS forecast a four-month production overlap between it and the current F-150 Lightning, with production expected to continue until December 24 of that year. These are two more speculative pieces of the nebulous jigsaw puzzle of Ford’s electric truck strategy for the next few years. Based on news reports, as well as comments from Ford CEO Jim Farley since he first introduced the F-150 Lightning, we know there will be plenty of new products coming, but it’s unclear how much will be dedicated to the Lightning lineup or folded into the new pickup.

The upcoming electric full-size vehicle will ride on the new TE1 platform, which may also be used in the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, a dedicated EV platform that sheds its platform ties to the legacy ICE F-150 while gaining better batteries and a larger recharge mileage.Another electric pickup will also be built at the BlueOval City, Tennessee, production facility, Farley told Farley car news would be “the means of transportation we don’t have today [on] A brand new platform – the full-size pickup platform. We think its sales will be very high. Ford also called the pickup a “next-generation electric truck, not unlike the F-150 Lightning.” Laycee of the Miss GoElectric YouTube channel said she launched the Lightning earlier this year and was told the pickup would feature an aggressive and potentially controversial design, active aerodynamics, and be able to deliver 100 more miles than the F-150 Lightning. Range. Lacey said Ford has been working on this and outfitting it for about 2.5 years.

Reports say an electric Ranger and an electric Mustang are on the way. Between these and anything else Ford has in the pipeline, it’s hard to tell where the lightning ends and the new products begin. What kind of vehicle doesn’t Ford have today that sits on a full-size platform, can be generously described as a truck, and is really big? The electric Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator will arrive in 2025, if they can be called “trucks.”

Meanwhile, the current Lightning and Mustang Mach-E are still waiting to move to the Sync 4A infotainment system before a delayed switch to Android Automotive. The overhauled Sync is said to bring features requested by customers, such as an updated interface, larger icons, and new HVAC controls using the audio knob.

On the ICE front, Ford Authority reported that the next-generation gasoline- and diesel-powered F-150 will debut next year for the 2024 model year.

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