Proton’s export sales rose 79.1% last year compared to 2021, which also hit its domestic sales performance, the automaker said in its latest press release. According to the company, Proton will sell 5,406 vehicles overseas in 2022, with growth driven mainly by key markets such as Pakistan and the addition of South Africa to its list of export markets.

Like Malaysia, the Saga is Proton’s most popular export model, with 2,408 units sold last year, up 31% year-on-year.

Growth was even more pronounced for the brand’s SUVs, most notably the X50, which posted a 277% jump in first-year export sales to 1,117 units. Sales of the X70 also posted a triple-digit increase of 101%, with 1,708 units sold in the export market.

“Growth in Proton’s export markets remains critical to the company. We are now halfway through our 10-year business plan and export sales need to make up an increasing percentage of our volumes for the company to achieve its goals. With the new 2023 With the addition of models and the growth of our existing product line, we are confident of reaching even greater volumes this year,” said Proton deputy chief executive Roslan Abdullah.

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