Lego has revealed the first five cars it will add to its popular Speed ​​Champions line in 2023. Some models are sold individually and some in pairs, but they all have at least one thing in common: They’re scaled-down replicas of high-end, high-horsepower machines.

For those outside of LEGO nerd circles, Speed ​​Champions cars are fairly small, relatively easy to build even for kids, and affordable. In contrast, the company also offers expensive, highly detailed kits that typically take hours for an adult architect to build.

Discovered by audiophile site brick fan, the first Speed ​​Champions kit for 2023 is the 261-piece Ferrari 812 Competizione. It’s finished in red and yellow accents and features a minifigure wearing a Ferrari-branded shirt. The proportions aren’t bad considering it’s a fairly simple package, and some of the coupe’s more distinctive design details, such as the four round taillights, are easily recognizable.

Next up is the Pagani Utopia, the Italian company’s sold-out limited-edition coupe due in September 2022. This kit consists of 249 pieces and comes with its own minifigure. For German fans, Lego has scaled down the Porsche 963 scheduled to start racing in 2023. The kit consists of 280 pieces and includes a racing driver in a Porsche-branded suit. Finally, the McLaren Solus GT single-seater due in 2023 and the iconic McLaren F1 LM from the 1990s join the Speed ​​Champions collection as a matching 581-piece pair.

LEGO retailers online and around the world will start receiving new Speed ​​Champions kits in March 2023. Suggested pricing starts at $24.99 for the 812, Utopia, and 963, which are said to brick fanwhile the McLaren duo starts at $44.99 excluding tax.

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