Limited to 40 examples, the 1,824-horsepower Bugatti Bolide sold out at over $4 million and is the kind of car most of us will never sit in, let alone drive. There’s an alternative: LEGO has shrunk the track-only Bugatti down to a 905-piece Technic kit that anyone can buy.

Finished in black and yellow, a color combination chosen to pay homage to company founder Ettore Bugatti, the LEGO version of the Bolide is about a foot long, three inches tall, and five inches wide, so it’ll take up quite a bit of room on your desk. Assembling the 905 parts that make up the kit creates a replica of the Bolide, complete with opening scissor doors, aerodynamic covers over the wheels, and even a small W16 engine with moving pistons. Stickers, including some with a carbon fiber look, add a finishing touch to the design.

In contrast, the real Bolide doesn’t need stickers to show off its lightweight construction: Bugatti relies extensively on carbon fiber to keep the weight down to 2,734 pounds dry. In other words, it’s lighter than the Subaru BRZ, but more than eight times more powerful. The problem is that it’s not street legal: Its quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine delivers its full 1,824 horsepower when burning 110-octane racing fuel.

The LEGO Bugatti Bolide kit is on sale now for $50 excluding tax.

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