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Energy solutions provider Gentari has signed a three-way agreement with EV Connection and Yinson GreenTech to enable cross-track and cross-visit charging of electric vehicles on the Gentari, JomCharge and ChargeEV mobile apps, the company announced today. According to Gentari, this inter-brand access will be available by June.

The tripartite agreement essentially gives EV users access to a total of 550 EV charging points in Malaysia, accounting for more than two-thirds of all EV charging points in the country, with Gentari operating more than 150 charging points, ChargEV It has nearly 300 charging points and JomCharge has 100 charging points, Gentari said in its statement.

It’s basically like a roaming agreement, allowing users of any of the Setel, JomCharge and ChargeEV apps to use their chargers across the three networks.

“To accelerate EV adoption in Malaysia, customer experience must be prioritized. As a result, by June, users will have the added benefit of cross-charging, enabling them to use around 70% of charging points in Malaysia,” said Shah Gentari Chief Green Mobility Officer Yang Razalli said.

Lee Yuen How, managing director of EV Connection, said: “Through this triple network partnership, we are providing users driving in Malaysia with greater confidence in range as they can target three service providers via Setel, JomCharge or ChargeEV The entire charging network.” The statement.

“Yinson GreenTech is always committed to working with like-minded partners who share our vision of delivering a better user experience and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. This collaboration is the first in infrastructure collaboration with a major industry player One step, which will bring more opportunities and possibilities in the future,” said Srinivas Tati, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Yinson GreenTech.

According to the company, Gentari has 150 charging points spread across 35 locations in Malaysia and more than 160 charging points in India as well. Gentari aims to capture a 10 percent market share, or around 25,000 charging points, in the Asia-Pacific region “across key markets” by 2030.

Along the way, Gentari aims to install 9,000 public charging points by 2026, mainly in Malaysia and India.

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