The Go To-U EV Lifestyle Hub in Rekascape, Cyberjaya has switched to a pay-per-use model after an introductory period in which EV owners could charge for free. Charges for using chargers are now set at RM1.60 per kWh.

The Rekascape charger has the option to charge by kWh instead of time as it is a recipient of the EVCS license issued by the Energy Commission of Malaysia. Note that while EVCS licenses allow billing by kWh rather than by the minute, charger operators are not required to offer per-kWh pricing, which is why many sites with EVCS licenses still continue to bill by the hour.

While per-kWh pricing is considered “fairer” for all types of EVs because each EV is charged at a different rate, time-based pricing has the advantage of discouraging chargers from being tied up at highway stations where queues may exist Use the charger.

The Rekascape hub is equipped with two Star Charge DC fast charging stations capable of delivering up to 60 kW of power. Each charger has two guns, so a total of four EVs can be charged at the hub at the same time. If two EVs are charging on the same charger, the charger’s 60 kilowatts will be split to 30 kilowatts for each connected EV.

To operate the charger you will need to download the Go To-U app linked below.

associate: Go To-U app on the Apple App Store
associate: Go To-U app on the Google Play Store

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