Ferrari on Thursday released a teaser video depicting the steering wheel of what could be a new car.

The launch event is scheduled for March 16, and Ferrari has only said that “something special” is coming.

Ferrari calls its limited-edition flagship models, such as the LaFerrari and the Enzo before it, its special series, and the automaker is known to be working on the next model in the series.

The March 16 launch date is also a day before Ferrari’s 499P LMH race car, which is believed to be linked to an upcoming special series model, marking Ferrari’s long-awaited return to the Sebring 1,000-mile premier endurance race.

However, judging by the design of the steering wheel in the teaser, we’re more likely to see an entry-level Ferrari. The design, especially the shape of the central spoke, is similar to that of the Ferrari Roma’s steering wheel.

Ferrari is known to be working on a Roma convertible, and the buzz in the short teaser trailer suggests that the car in the trailer is a convertible. A prototype for the Roma convertible was spotted last year. The car is expected to go into production under the Roma Spider name.

Fans might wonder why Ferrari developed the Roma convertible when there was already a mechanically similar Portofino M convertible. The Roma Convertible has the potential to take over the entry-level convertible role as the Portofino, introduced in 2018 and updated for 2020, starts to age.

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