Recently, four Ferraris were stolen from a dealer service center in Long Island, New York.

by three thieves.

Do not ask.

That’s because the police in Nassau County can’t tell you how three guys got off in four cars.

Did they bring a trailer? trailer? Carrier?

Details are sketchy. As of Saturday — a week after the robbers completed their heist — the police report made no arrests and did not say whether they had recovered any Italian sports cars, other than to say the gang had taken four vehicles in total: a gray A convertible from the 2014 model year, a blue coupe from 2016, and two white Ferraris from 2018 and 2023.

That’s a lot of Ferraris. Nassau County Police would not release more specific details about the vehicles involved.

Authorities did say the incident happened just before 4 a.m. last Saturday at the Ferrari Long Island service center in the town of Plainview, about 30 miles east of Manhattan.

After entering the parking lot, the trio allegedly stole “various merchandise” and “a large number of vehicle key fobs” before fleeing the parking lot, police said.

We’ll follow up and report…if there’s anything to report.

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