At major auto shows and events, the sheer amount of shiny stuff on display can be daunting. It takes a little more effort for me to stop and smell the roses. Or at least stop drinking so much coffee. Roses and coffee go hand in hand, as I have a bad habit of flying around at events like 2 Days of Nostalgia, trying to soak it all in, only to end up not fully digesting what I’m drooling over. Less coffee consumption may mean longer concentration.

If you’ve seen my main coverage from this year’s event at Pacifico Yokohama a few weeks ago, you know there were some absolute beauties on display. Today I present to you some cars that really piqued my interest.


These two Nissan Skylines, which are clean enough to eat your sushi, look better than the new R30 you saw when you took a time machine ride back to its heyday. The company behind them, Utilitas, specializes in restoration of old Toyota Land Cruisers and Skylines.It’s certainly an odd pairing, but what they do work is excellent.


Next up is this small KP47 Toyota Starlet Publica sporting works fenders similar to those found on many Japanese touring cars from the 70’s. Starlet race cars for sale; if you’re interested, contact Auto Adviser Stuff and tell them Speedhunters sent you a…


This red and white Z pairing is a joint venture between motorcycle specialist PAM and industrial manufacturing and design specialist JMC. The former is mainly focused on the Kawasaki Z series of bicycles, while the latter has dabbled in a lot, from casting metal prototypes to 3D scanning and printing, to making prosthetic hearts for doctor training. So what is the relationship between these two companies? Well, together they did a CT scan and reverse engineered the S30 Fairlady Z’s standard N42 L-series Nissan cylinder head.

In the process, they found rough argon weld marks, defects and thin walls in the head water jacket, so after redesigning the CAD model to improve tuning durability, 3D printed sand molds and used low pressure casting to create a brand new project. Yes, they showed off some custom cylinder heads, but guess who missed the chance to take a photo with them…


I did, however, go the extra mile to get some clear shots of the crowd of these two silhouette-style race cars on display at Young Auto.Both are tributes to the Group 5 cars that inspired a generation and enduring culture bosozoku and kaido racer Japanese style.

Above is the Toyota Celica, based on the Celica LB Turbo developed by Schnitzer through Toyota Germany.The actual race car, despite its superstar looks, has had rather dismal success against cars like the Porsche 935 Frauber.


Another car on display at Young Auto is – believe it or not – a Mazda Luce (RX-4) with an original body kit from the ’70s. The best thing is that it’s road legal and for sale too. I’m currently trying to learn more about it from the seller so I’ll be back with full functionality soon.


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